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Christine Schneider - Licensed Massage Therapist, Manual Voice Specialist, Certified Movement Specialist, and Personal Trainer

Christine Schneider has been a pioneer for manual laryngeal therapy in the US for almost a decade. She is the founder of LifeLight Massage Therapy PLLC, a private practice based in NYC that specializes in laryngeal and TMJ treatments for professional voice users. Christine works closely with some of New York's top laryngologists, speech pathologists, and voice teachers, providing manual therapy as part of vocal rehabilitation and maintenance programs.

Christine is also the creator of The Visceral Voice, a program and podcast that shares her knowledge and passion for vocal health, anatomy, self-massage, and movement with vocal athletes worldwide. With Taylor Techniques, Christine has extensive training in Myofascial Assessment and Release and is an approved provider and educator. Her other specializations include Visceral Components of the Neck and Thorax, Visceral Manipulation, and Neuromeningeal Manipulation from the Barral Institute, Treatment of Whiplash and Related Disorders, and CranioSacral Therapy.

A certified Movement Specialist, Christine has training from The Brookbush Institute, Gray Institute, Immaculate Dissection, NASM, Postural Restoration Institute, the Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Education, and Biomechanics with Pinnacle Performance. She is also thrilled to be working as the movement coach for the 2022-23 Metropolitan Opera LYADP.

Christine graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor's in Music, majoring in both Vocal Performance and French Horn Performance. She is a professional performer who has performed all around the world. She is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA, AEA, AGVA, and is a Voting Member for PAVA (Pan American Vocology Association). In addition, she is the head of Research and on the Advisory Board for The Academy of Noise.


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