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The Visceral Voice Self-Care Program

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"Christine Schneider is THE go-to person for bodywork among my students. She combines intricate knowledge, terrific instincts, and a thirst for knowledge that makes her a treasured healer in the NYC performer community. On a personal level, Christine helped me to rehab a nagging shoulder problem in isolation; after two online sessions with her, my injury resolved itself. She is a master, and I count myself lucky to know her as a colleague and friend."

Andrew Byrne
Broadway vocal coach, author of The Singing Athlete

"My virtual massage session with Christine was just the kind of self care needed in this strange new socially distant world. My clenched up jaw feels so much better already!"

Susan Zachman

"Christine Schneider’s Self Care Workshop was revolutionary for our students at Reinhardt University, and they all think she is a magician! Since implementing her self-care ideas—specifically the breathing and stretching—in the studio, I have seen my students progress rapidly and find more freedom in their singing. It really does seem like magic. I highly recommend this workshop for any group of singers, actors, or other professional voice users!"

Dr. Rebecca Salter
Reinhardt University

"Having workshops with Christine Schneider drove me to look into my body, my instrument, in analytical ways. The exercises that I’ve been generously taught had a profound effect on me even within a short term period. Right when I tend to call this effect “magic”, Christine would go on to explain the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology which is her passion! Her intimate knowledge of singers allows her to impart valuable knowledge about longevity in professional singing. Overall, I’ve been much impressed by what one person can offer."

Esin Gunduz
Vocal performer & Composer of new music, PhD Music Composition

"Christine is an exceptionally gifted, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner and an articulate, passionate teacher. Having experienced the positive impact of Christine’s work on my own singing and overall wellbeing, I was thrilled to arrange a Vocal Self-Care workshop at my private voice studio. Exposing my students to this very important aspect of vocal/body work as an integral part of their vocal training was/is a perfect complement to voice lessons. The material covered in Christine’s workshop is vital to any singer or actor, particularly with the ever-increasing demands of high-stress singing in theatre today. Christine clearly loves her work. She shares important anatomical and physiological information in ways that are meaningful to performers; she translates dry facts into “how this can affect you on stage”, and the heightened attentiveness in the room is palpable. Christine’s warm, encouraging presence and professional demeanor put participants immediately at ease, even as they discovered tense or vulnerable areas of their own vocal anatomy while learning new self-massage techniques. The results of various self-massaging techniques were significant; some results could be felt and/or heard immediately in students' singing that evening in the workshop, and some students reported freedom from jaw and neck tension/pain for up to several days after the workshop. All were delighted in having the new stretches or massages as additions to their warm-ups or daily physical regimens, as well. Christine’s Self-Care workshop is a 'must have' for any curriculum involving training for serious actors and singers. Performers gain invaluable information and self-care tools that can help them both prepare for and sustain careers as professional voice users."

Lisa Rochelle
Voice Teacher, SVS

"Christine came and taught a series of self- care workshops to my undergraduate students at UArts. She's an incredibly knowledgable practitioner who is able to break down the complicated anatomy and physiology of the voice and body into meaningful information for the young performer. My students walked away from the workshop with a plethora of tools and tricks to release their own musculature in a healthy and effective way."

Jenna Pastuszek
Innovative Voice Studio

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